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The concept of a company's complete electricity needs being met by solar electricity may seem too good to be true. However, the implementation of solar electricity should be an essential business consideration.

Stop to consider:

  • South Africa's abundance of sunshine
  • The environmental impact of coal fired power
  • The challenges associated with the supply of electricity to meet the country's energy requirements
  • The ever-increasing cost of electricity

The implementation of a photovoltaic (PV) system for the supply of solar electricity is the answer. Yet, the perception exists that the costs associated with the implementation of a PV system are prohibitive.

Whilst the initial capital outlay may be substantial, what is important to note is the fact that a PV system will pay for itself within a 2 to 3 year period. This is made possible by costs saved through not having to pay monthly electricity bills, as well as SARS tax rebates.

Sunfish Solar Electricity, available from Climatron, will develop a solution for businesses intent on saving energy, cutting costs and acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Designed to suit each specific site's requirements.

UnderstandingPhotovoltaic Technology

The technology being employed in PV systems is well developed, with improvements and modifications occurring on a regular basis. Whilst PV cells are most adept in direct sunlight, they are highly effective at generating energy even in cloudy weather conditions. PV systems have proved themselves to be both efficient and reliable in a variety
of applications internationally.

A PV system can be either 'grid tied' or 'off grid'.

Grid tied systems vary in size according to the application and are a form of decentralised electricity generation. These systems are connected to a large independent grid and are able to feed excess power into the grid. In the case of residential or building mounted grid connected PV systems, the electricity demand of the building is
met by the PV system. No battery is required in such a system as no storage of electricity is required.

An off grid system does not have a connection to the electricity grid and varies in size according to the application for which it has been installed. PV generated power in an off grid system is initially stored in the battery bank that continuously goes through a charging and discharging process regulated by a charge controller. The battery bank
supplies power to the load as needed, while an inverter converts DC to AC power.

Sunfish Solar Electricity, available from Climatron, can assist companies and institutions intent on saving energy, cutting costs and acting in an environmentally
responsible manner.

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